African Insurance Awards 2017


Insurance Company of the Year


Star Assurance

Reason for nomination

Summary of customer-centric initiatives

• Enhancement of customer satisfaction and insurance premium growth through branch expansion, upgrading of its IT infrastructure and implementation of effective risk management solutions.

• Formation of strategic alliance with Insurance Agents to sell insurance products on its behalf.

• Operations spread to various regions in the country.

• The first Insurance Company in Ghana with a self-service virtual branch.

• Established a claims philosophy to standardize its claims management process.

• Established presence on social media networks and mobile networks in Ghana.

• Provides bespoke insurance products for.

• Has a clearly defined Customer Complaints Procedure to address all clients-related issues.

• Conducts customer satisfaction surveys on half-yearly basis.

• A clearly stated customer-focused Company mantra.

• Established partnerships with credible online payment systems for fast, safe, and convenient premium payment by customers.

Brief of any merger and acquisition

• N/A

Evidence of customer satisfaction

• Formed strategic alliance with Star Microinsurance Company Limited to complement the Government of Ghana’s effort in providing social protection for the public.

• Deployed a bancassurance technological solution for uniBank to sell insurance products.

• Formed strategic alliance with Insurance Brokers to sell insurance products on its behalf.

• Formed strategic alliance with Travel & Tour Operators to sell travel insurance policies.

• Foremost insurance company to be a major sponsor of the Ghanaian TV Program “Eye On Port.

• Has social media presence which has enabled customers to contact the Company anywhere any time to make enquiry and/or complaints.

• Uses Bulk messages and Short Message Service/Short Code for enquiry, renewal prompting, and anniversary well wishes to customers.

• Member of “Ghana Club 100”.

• Foremost insurance company in Ghana to implement an easy, fast, safe and secured, and convenient premium payment platforms.

• Awarded the 2015 Top Quality Insurance Brand in Customer Care at the prestigious “Brand Excellence Award” organized by Premier Brands Ghana in 2016.

• In year 2016, the Company increased its gross premium income and shareholder’s funds to 30.51% and 27.04% respectively.

• The Company’s claims paying ability was rated “A+” by the Global Credit Rating Company in year 2016 (awarded "A" in 2015)

• A clearly stated Company mantra “Your Solid Partner” forming part of the Company’s Logo.

• The Company’s catchphrase “Creating Smiles Since 1985” for its 30 years anniversary celebration in year 2015 confirms its commitment to customer satisfaction.